Take a sniff through our frequently asked questions below!

If you can't find what you're looking for here then feel free woof at us:


Take a sniff through our frequently asked questions below!


If you can't find what you're looking for here then feel free to woof at us:


What is WOLFit BOX?

We are a premium raw dog food subscription service. By premium we really mean premium. Our meals contain only human grade ingredients that are locally sourced from WA. They contain no additives, preservatives and other nasties - just good honest food. We believe that if it’s not good enough for those on two legs then it’s not good enough for those on four.


You can simply sign up online by entering you and your doggo’s details and you will receive a monthly box of paw-fectly balanced and complete meals every four weeks, delivered straight to your door. There are no lock-in contracts so you can unsubscribe at any time.

What’s inside the box?

Inside your WOLFit Box is the perfect, vet recommended meal plan for your dog. There are 2 or 4 weeks (depending on your box and preference)  of complete and balanced meals. There are 5 doglicious recipes for your fur baby to dive into: Paw Lickin' Chicken, Unleash the Beef, Boom Bang Lamb, Tum Rubbin' Roo and Delish' Fish. 

The formulation of our meal plan reflects our belief in giving dogs a natural, biologically appropriate diet. It consists of 90% muscle meat, bone and offal plus 10% vegetables, berries and superfoods. This is what they were born to eat in the natural world before pet food corporations began convincing people that wheat, barley, soy and other cheap bulk products were a healthier option.

We use only 100% human-grade ingredients that are locally sourced from WA suppliers who we know and trust. Together with select vegetables and superfoods such as blueberries, brewer’s yeast and turmeric our meal plan covers all of your dog's nutritional needs without the need for additives and preservatives. 

It's everything your dog needs and nothing they don't! 

Is it suitable for puppies?

Yes, absolutely! WOLFit meals are the best thing for puppies.

We recommend reading more on our blog: 'How To Start Your Puppy On A Raw Diet'

Puppies need to eat the equivalent amount of food they will eat as adults and they're in a stage of rapid growth and development. 

If you're unsure about which box size is most suitable for your puppy then you can refer to the guide in our blog or contact us here


Are the meals raw?

Yes! Our meal plan is based on the science behind the biologically-appropriate raw food diet (also known as the BARF diet). Raw feeding has a multitude of benefits such as improved muscle tone, skin, coat, organs and joints; stronger digestive and immune systems, healthy white teeth free of tartar and dental disease; and overall improved long term health for a long happy life that saves heaps on vet bills over time.

A raw diet is also great for dogs with allergies and those who have trouble maintaining a healthy weight. It improves energy levels, provides fresher breath and we saved the best until last - expect smaller, firmer and near odorless poops! Don’t say we don’t treat you.

Why don’t you cook your meals?

Going against the conventions of the English language please allow us to respond to your question with another question: how many animals do you know that cook their food?

A correct answer receives $50 in the post... we'll wait!

Animals do not need to cook their food. The cooking process actually removes nutrients from  food meaning that dogs have to eat more of the cooked food to get the same amount of nutrients as they would from raw food. 

You’ll notice that a lot of cooked dog food has added vitamins and minerals because the naturally occurring nutrients have been destroyed during the cooking process. See our raw feeding page for more information. 

How fresh are the meals?

Our meals are freshly prepared, vacuum-sealed and frozen for maximum freshness! The fast freezing process locks i nutritional goodness and flavour before they’re delivered to your home. No additives, preservatives or other nasties required.

Why do you use only human grade ingredients?

Not to be confused with ‘meat coming from animals fit for human consumption’, we use actual human grade meats! We firmly believe that if it’s not good enough for those on two legs then it’s not good enough for those on four. We never use meat meals, only what is good enough for us is good enough for them.

How are WOLFit meals ‘a complete’ dog food?

Our meal plan is complete and balanced which means that it will deliver your dog’s requirements of nutrients, vitamins and minerals from good honest food without the need for additives and preservatives. 

Dog’s need a diverse range of meat proteins and essential bone in their diet. This is why our meal plan provides everything they need across our meal plan featuring 5 doglicious recipes. 

Are your meals grain and gluten free?

Yes, they are!  We do not add grains to our meals. Our meals are carefully formulated without them. 

The major pet food corporations like to add grains such as wheat and barley, and other ingredients such as soy, as a cheap way to ‘bulk up’ their products. 

These grains have little nutritional value to dogs in comparison to the meat, bone, offal and vegetables that comprise our meals. Contrary to the claims made by the pet food corporations, dogs actually receive their energy from fats, not carbohydrates. Therefore it’s not necessary to put these kinds of ingredients in their food, it simply serves as a cheap filler. 

Does the packaging contain BPA?

BPA stands for bisphenol A. Our meal pouches are 100% BPA free, yay! 

how it works

How long does the food in each delivery last?

You’ll receive a box of 28 complete and balanced meals every 4 weeks or a box of 14 meals every 2 weeks depending on the box and your preferences. We time deliveries to make sure that your doggo doesn’t miss a meal!

Where do I store the meals?

Keep one meal in the fridge and the rest in the freezer. Every time a meal is finished place another in the fridge and it will be defrosted and ready for the next meal time. For larger dogs, place two meals in the fridge as the larger sized meals may take longer to defrost.

Alternatively, some of our pet parents like to serve our meals frozen and the pooches love the crunchiness! Eating on frozen meals is good physical exercise for them and great for their teeth.

Top tip: if you forget to defrost a meal, simply submerge in cold water for 10-15 minutes. It will be defrosted in no time!

How much freezer space do I need?

On average, the equivalent of one or two loafs of bread for smaller dogs and three to four loafs of bread for larger dogs.

Do I need to cook the food?

No! The food is intended to be eaten raw. Simply allow to defrost in the fridge, open, serve and watch them wolf it! 

How much should I feed my dog?

Each meal pouch contains 1 or 2 days of food for your dog, depending on your pup's box. The split of each daily portion size is up to you. 

Some pet parents like to feed their pooch once a day, others like to split the pouch into two meals (doggy breakfast and doggy dinner). It’s up to you!

Can I still feed my dog treats?

Absolutely. We don’t want you to stop you from letting them know they’ve been a very good boy (or girl)! You can add our selection of treats to your pup's next box here: WOLFit treats

How long does it take to transition my dog over to the WOLFit meal plan?

Good question! When you change your dog’s diet drastically they can get an upset stomach. There are two general approaches when it comes to switching dogs to raw foods: rapid and slow. With healthy, young dogs the rapid method is typically the simplest and most successful. For older pets that have been eating kibble or commercial food all their life, or dogs with gastrointestinal problems, a slower transition is recommended.

Rapid Switch: Most young and healthy dogs can switch to raw overnight using the ‘’rapid’’ method. That is yesterday you fed them kibble or canned food and today you begin feeding them raw food.

Slow Switch: The most successful slow transition method to a raw food diet is to begin switching your dog gradually over a 7 day period. Start the process by feeding one feeding of their regular diet to one feeding of a WOLFit Box recipe of your choice. Please be careful to ensure that the meals are kept separate and are not mixed as they are consumed and processed at different rates. Over the course of the days, decrease the amount of their regular diet and increase the amount of raw food until your pooch’s diet is 100% raw.

You may find your dog may need anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks to make the full transition, depending on their age, weight and activity levels. If you notice loose stools at the beginning of the trial, cut back on the amount of raw food being fed and increase at a slower rate. The final result should be small and firm stool consistency - a direct result from better nutrient absorption! As my grandma used to say, ‘’the proof is in the pooping’’! 

My dog has allergies, can I still subscribe?

Yes, absolutely! Simply fill out the allergies section during sign up and we’ll customise a box that suits your fur baby's needs.

We recommend checking our nutritional information page to review the ingredients in each meal.

If you have any specific questions or requests you can also contact us. 

Can I still feed my dog kibble too?

Whilst it's better to feed your dog a 100% biologically appropriate raw food diet, you can still feed your dog kibble also. Please read about the problems of dry food here: 7 Shocking Facts About Processed Dog Food


If you choose to do so, it is recommended that you alternate between separate raw and kibble meals.

For example, in the morning you can give your pup kibble and in the evening their raw meal.

Leaving a time gap of between 10-12 hours will allow your pups’ body to digest
the food so that the starch in the kibble will no longer have an effect on the pH

Is the packaging recyclable?

The best way to recycle our boxes, liners and ice packs is to leave them out for us to collect on your next delivery day so we can reuse them. 

Simply leave them outside on delivery days and our driver will collect them for reuse.

Our meal pouches aren’t easily recyclable at home, it depends if your local council can recycle the meal pouches. In an ideal world we would love to find recyclable/biodegradable solution however there currently aren’t any that can withstand the freezing process.

What if my dog gets sick after eating the food?

When transitioning to a new diet, there’s a chance that your dog will get an upset stomach. This is why we recommend transitioning over a 10 day period if they’re not used to a raw food diet and/or a wet food diet.

subscriptions + delivery

How much does a subscription cost?

Starting from $2.99/day, box prices are dependent on the weight of your dog and the amount of food they eat per day.

Please note that box categories are based on the weight of adult dogs (i.e. dogs over 1 year old).

Puppies need to eat the equivalent amount of food they will eat as adults as they are in a stage of rapid growth and development. We recommend reading our blog here for more detailed information: 'How To Start Your Puppy On A Raw Diet'.

Alternatively, we can help advise you on which box is most suitable for your puppy. Feel free to contact us here

How do I subscribe?

Click on one of the 'get started' or 'subscribe' buttons and select your pup's box based on their weight. Answer a few questions about your fur baby so we can optimise their meal plan.

We will lovingly prepare the perfect meal plan for your dog and deliver them to your door every 2 or 4 weeks depending on your box and preference. 

There are no lock in contracts and you can pause, unpause or cancel your pup's box anytime.

Where do you deliver?

We offer free delivery to the Perth (Mindarie to Mandurah). If you’re not sure if we deliver to your area then please contact us.

What if I’m not around for delivery?

No problem, let us know where you would like us to leave the package, outside, with a neighbour or in a safe place. Our boxes can keep meals frozen up to 8 hours - even in the West Coast heat!

Can I pay with cash?

We’re an online service so to keep things running as smooth as possible we only take payments online.

How can I add multiple dogs to my subscription?

Yes, you can! You'll need to go through the sign up process once for each dog. This helps us customise each box according to the individual dog's needs. 

If you have a multidog household, feel free to contact us for a discount. 

Can I amend, pause or cancel my subscription?

Absolutely, login to your account and amend accordingly. 

What if something is wrong with my order?

Contact us and we will put things right immediately.

start wolfing it from just $2.99 per day

Click below to choose your plan based on your dog's weight - easy!

start wolfing it from just $2.99 per day

Click below to choose your plan based on your dog's weight - easy!

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